With simplicity and practicality, we design multifunctional garments and accessories, giving fluidity and freedom to the end-user. Like rural communities around the globe that have lived with frugal practicality and function for many millennia, a single Dingyun Zhang piece can be worn in multiple ways, mirroring the ever-changing environments we live in, and the diversity of modern lifestyles in differing climates.

Dingyun Zhang creates objects inspired with fluidity. This transformative approach abstracts the human form to tackle the environment’s obstacles. We push our dreams, stretching the possibilities of the human’s silhouette. Performance-wear are designed in abstract forms where the quality and longevity of textiles are emblematic of life cycles, while the layers draw reference from those who live in extreme habitats.

Each piece is made as resilient as the people in the environments that inspire them, from the ethereal cocoons of our signature outerwear, to the intimate second skin of your everyday jersey.

Our dream, stemming from childhood desires for artistic expression and community, is to create a family of timeless relics for the wardrobe, outdoors, home, and beyond. This circular language in everything we design extends beyond clothing into other mediums, continuing our familial approach in collaborations with other artists and entities aligned with our values for the future.